The first seedling of the idea of Hetty’s Place happened back in 2011 when Henrietta Kitt started her first business ‘Hetty’s Tea Party’ in the Barge Arm flats at Gloucester Docks. Hetty was drawn to working with food because both of her grandparents came from a farming background, heated
debates about the benefits of organic produce, or whether beef from Hereford or West Wales was best, were often had between her aunty and uncles at family gatherings. These gatherings were usually filled to the brim with homemade food that Hetty’s aunties had brought (7 aunties on her Mum’s side, 3 on her Dad’s), so the tables were often heaving with home made cakes, salads, sandwiches and pastries. The sweet plates often were almost equal in number to the savoury!

Whenever in life Hetty felt unsure about herself or her direction, whether that was coping with undiagnosed ADHD in school, trying to juggle working & socialising around being unwell with an autoimmune disease, or concerns of being made redundant when she worked in the charity sector, Hetty always felt secure & reassured at one of her family gatherings, surrounded by good food & good family! It was the thing that made her feel that you can get through life’s ups & downs. To Hetty, food wasn’t something just be used to sustain, but also to celebrate with or to take reassurance from.

So when Hetty was a bit unsure of her career direction in 2011, she found comfort in baking at home & sharing what she’d made with her friends & family. It was the positive and encouraging response she had from this that gave Hetty the idea to start Hetty’s Tea Party. Hetty would put on market
stalls & pop up tea rooms at the Quays events, selling scones, loaves, traybakes & sometimes novelty items like cake pops. The pop up tea rooms were made with haybales and borrowed furniture from the local thrift shop. The idea of creating a real café at the Docks, made out of bricks and mortar and not hay bales, seemed like a distant an unachievable dream. So Hetty focused on a business model she felt she could grow easier, with less financing and from home, this is when Hetty’s Kitchen was born, focussing on baking for market stalls & supplying wholesale.

Hetty’s Kitchen is the sister company of Hetty’s Place, based in the old match factory at Morelands Trading Estate. Hetty’s Kitchen has won Great Taste awards for their #fudgingdelicious range of brownies & blondies & supplies them to the farm shops at Westmoreland Services including Gloucester Services, Tebay Services & Rheged. Hetty’s Kitchen specialised in brownies more specifically when the pandemic hit in 2020, because they were such a robust and sturdy to post, whilst also being often the first items to sell out at market stalls. Promising to be ‘Always Fudgy, Never Cakey’ Hetty has built up a loyal & passionate following of brownie lovers in Glocuestershire & across the UK.

Hetty’s Place is the evolution of both Hetty’s Tea Party & Hetty’s Kitchen. It is where the seed of the idea planted from the pop up tearooms has sprouted & eventually grown into… 12 years later! It is Hetty’s dream to create a physical place where she can share that feeling from her family gatherings
with others. That’s why brilliant, warm, family friendly service is so vital for the success of Hetty’s Place. We want our customers to always feel welcomed, we want Hetty’s Place to become our place!

And just like going to a family members place to eat, we want our customers to leave feeling well fed & happy! The food we offer should always have something on the menu to ‘feed your feels’. Something that can provide uplifting, comfort or celebration, for whatever you’re feeling! We aim to
create something familiar & nostalgic, whilst also adding a new creative twist to make the dish memorable. We believe this will be the recipe for success for Hetty’s Place, where you can go to to both celebrate & make memories or find comfort & restore. So that after visiting us & they then go
to any other mundane café, they’ll think ‘I’d rather be at Hetty’s Place’.